If you have a septic system that was installed before 1987, you most likely have cast iron pipes connecting the tank to the leach field. Over the years a substance similair to rust builds up on the inside of these pipes. This weakens the walls of the pipe and creates an environment for clogging.  This can cause back-ups.  If mis-diagnosed it may seem like your leach field has failed.  If you think this is happening call us and we will replace the pipe with PVC which will eliminate this problem.

Homeowner Alert:

p i p e   r e p a i r s

This is very common, we replace over 50 pipes every year!

Pipe repairs can vary from $1,200 - $2,500 depending on the length and depth of the problematic buried pipe.  Other price variables would be trees and landscaping obstacles, deck or concrete to remove or replace, overhead wires and overall tightness of the site.  We bring the mini-excavator which allows us to get into tight situations.

PVC  pipes have been used on septic systems since the late 80's.  They are durable and do not get this build-up.

During a site visit, we will come out with the necessary tools to determine what the problem is.  We have jetting tools, cameras, mirrors and the general know-how with 25 years experience in diagnosing problematic systems.

Others may tell you that you need a new septic system-  Sometimes it's just a matter of replacing a pipe!  Pipe replacements save your entire yard from being torn up and saves your checkbook as well. Replacing a pipe can add longevity to your septic system.